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Virginia Tech shootings If you haven't heard the news yet, a gunman shot up my alma mater, Virginia Tech. He killed more than 30 people and struck at a dormitory where my former roommate's girlfriend (now wife) lived. I used to do computer science projects in their lab, and wrote at the college newspaper offices right next door. I can only imagine what it must be like there right now.

Another shock came when my dad called to tell me the news. The first thing he said, after reading me the lead paragraph, was that videogames were to blame. Uh, sorry. Not true.

I poked around and found that some irresponsible person masquerading as a journalist (my former profession) had let Jack Thompson on the TV again. That lawyer/liar is suggesting that they'll find violent videogames were involved before police released even a name or possible motive.

I've made my feelings very clear on this subject, but for those of you who missed it, I recommend my rant from 2003:

For the last time: Violent videogames don't kill peopleā€¦

Nothing has changed. I wouldn't alter a word except perhaps to add that if you have to blame someone, how about people like Jack Thompson who ignore the true roots of these tragedies - and any hope for a real solution - to line their own pockets. -=Gamewatcher

UPDATE (April 18, 2007) - I just posted a follow-up:
Virginia Tech killer played videogames (he also stalked people)

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