Xbox Live Marketplace - Last Days of free Undertow, plus demos for Devil May Cry 4, The Club and Turning Point

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Don't forget to download Undertow, your free prize for putting up with bad service, before the deal expires on Sunday. If you've already purchased the game, try your luck with Microsoft support - word is that if your story checks out, they'll credit you $10 worth of points to buy something else. Here's what else is new on Xbox Live Marketplace this week:
  • Rock Band songs ($2 each, or $5.50 for the 3-pack) “Don’t Look Back in Anger,” “Live Forever” and “Wonderwall” by Oasis
  • Guitar Hero III Classic Rock Track Pack ($6.25; songs not available individually) with “Peace of Mind” by Boston, “Jukebox Hero” by Foreigner and “Any Way You Want It” by Journey
  • Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Accessory Packs ($1.13 to $1.88 each, or $6.25 for the All Sets Combined pack)
  • Demos: Devil May Cry 4, The Club and Turning Point: Fall of Liberty
  • Game Videos: Guitar Hero III, Mass Effect and NFL Tour
  • Themes: Burnout Paradise, Beach Girls, Nordic Majesty, Tristan Eaton, Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Xavier: Renegade Angel ($1.88)
  • Pictures: Arkadian Warriors ($1), Burnout Paradise ($2.50), Madden 2008 (free), Beach Girls ($1), Dark Beauty ($1.25), Squad Draknar ($1.25), Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! ($1) and Xavier: Renegade Angel ($1.25)
If you're already looking forward to next week, it sounds like we'll get Rez HD on Xbox Live Arcade plus Rush, Smashing Pumpkins and Coheed and Cambria tracks to download for Rock Band...

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