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Busy Gamer News has partnered with Ramberg Media to syndicate our site content. All this means is that we might be seeing some additional traffic from their gaming news section. No, we're not compensated, though if we eventually get our traffic up we might be able to sell some decent ads and, dare we dream, break even on our hosting bills.

This year will mark our 7th year of providing gaming news for people too busy for gaming news. (For those who are new, we used to be called Gamestay but updated to a more descriptive name in 2006.) Hopefully, this will help us keep on the path to 10 years and beyond!

You can see our feed in the Ramberg Media games section. Right now, we're the only active feed in this section...

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Thank you for the Nod to RMG. It is exciting every time to take on a new Partner. I've personally loved reading your Posts here on Busy Gamer News. We look forward to an informative partnership together.

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