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Peggle Nights offer PopCap is giving away Peggle Nights as part of its free Passport program, which lets you earn discounts if you buy PC/Mac games directly from them. The program at present requires no commitment, you'll just need to supply an e-mail address and agree to receive their e-newsletter.

The free Peggle Nights is technically part of the "Gift-a-Game for free" benefit you get for signing up (it may change to something else if you don't send it right away). As far as we can tell, there's nothing to stop you from sending it to yourself at a secondary e-mail address. The Passport FAQ has all of the details, including how the club works - basically, you save 10-20% off game purchases and get the chance to receive special offers and game previews. When I signed up, I received access to a printable 2010 calendar and some members only Plants vs. Zombies wallpaper...



Actually, I used the same email. :) As much as the wife and I love Popcap games, the Passport should pay off.


Wanted to point out as well (credits to dieresis on CAG forum):

1. Get even more free levels (three separate downloads) for Nights at [PC/MAC]
2. Peggle World of Warcraft Edition is also free: [PC only]
3. Peggle Extreme is free to download via STEAM. Just search for it with STEAM and install! [PC only]

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