Do Some Good - Child's Play Charity Auction: Year 7

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Portal gun replica If you've followed Busy Gamer News for a year or more, you know we're big boosters of Child's Play Charity. It's an effort to raise money for Children's Hospitals around the world and show the media, politicians and morality police that gamers are - on the whole - kind, generous souls who just happen to like to sometimes shoot stuff on their TVs and computers for stress relief and social fun.

We've attended every one of the Child's Play charity auction events (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009) and this year was no different. As with most of these auctions since about 2006, only the folks with money to burn won in the live auction. Still, despite two lots rising above the $10,000 mark, the evening netted $183,000 - which is less than last year. Still, with the $750,000 or so raised by Child's Play efforts this season including the main gift-giving campaign, this brings the tally to about $1.1 million (confirmed!) with the overall $1.2 million goal in sight.

PopCap zombie with GrrlGotGame Andrew Ryan figurePersonally, we went in hoping to win another PopCap Games pack (it would have been our third!), but both packs from the makers of some of our favorite games went for more than we had budgeted - including a lot that went for $3000 with Plants vs. Zombies concept art and an invitation to the company holiday party.

We did win two silent auction items: an Andrew Ryan BioShock figurine (complete with glue to attach his disembodied arm) and a collection of console controller shaped Christmas ornaments. We briefly considered bidding on a pre-release Rock Band 3 Fender Squier guitar (the one with real strings due out next year), but last we checked it was $600 - twice the retail value. It may have gone even higher since the winner is promised to get it before the final launch.

Han in carbonite The OmegaClaw The live auction opened with a Legend of Zelda quilt made by Jerry Holkins (Tycho)'s mom. which netted nearly $1200. The first oohs and aahs of the night were inspired by the high-rolling bids for a claw machine used to decide the victor of this year's PAX Prime Omegathon competition. The OmegaClaw went to PopCap for $15,000 and was the highest bid on a single item all evening. The only other item to come close was a life-size replica of the Portal gun (pictured at top), which inched up from the initial $5,000 asking price to finish at $14,500. Another impressive prize, a Han Solo encased in carbonite sculpture also donated by Harmonix, was practically a steal at $4000.

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