A BGN Original - Our "Click to Play" game industry TV script

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Once in awhile, we find the time to do something extra special. A few years back, I made a video satirizing the contextual responses of non-player characters in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - and it's just recently broken 160,000 views on YouTube.

Back in the late '90s before we even conceived of Busy Gamer News, GrrlGotGame and I wrote a TV pilot set in the wild and woolly world of Internet startups. We were inspired by both our own experiences and deep ensemble comedies like The Larry Sanders Show to write something with more weight than your classic joke-a-minute sitcom. We envisioned cameos in each episode by famous (at least to geeks like us) folks in the technology scene. Mainly, we wanted to see people like us reflected in the pop culture - which, even today, happens rarely and then usually warped far beyond reality.

Alas, before we could shop our story around, the Internet bubble popped and we realized it would be a futile endeavor to try to get it made.

Fast-forward about a dozen years. A chance comment from a colleague convinced us to dust off the script and update it to take place in the videogame industry, where we've worked off and on for many years now. The situations had to be adapted a little, but the characters fit remarkably well - truth be told, a bit better than in the original! We put some work into tieing the threads together so they really meshed, registered the copyright with the Library of Congress and then entered the contest. If by some miracle it wins, we might actually get the show produced - but that seems a long shot (we should hear in February one way or the other).

But rather than just file it away again, we thought: Why not share it? Some of our friends have published novels, essays and even plays on Amazon's Kindle store. Perhaps others will connect with the story and, even if it never gets made into a TV show, they can experience the concept and perhaps inspire us to write more of the series. We have a lot of ideas on where this could go, if you're interested enough to coax it out of us.

Click to Play

We priced Click to Play at the cheapest Amazon offers - $1. We even enrolled it in the lending library program, so if you have an actual Kindle device (sorry, mobile apps won't work) plus Amazon Prime, you can read it all for free for the first 90 days (and we'll get a little money for that too). We don't anticipate we'll make much off of our screenplay, certainly not enough to cover all of our time invested in researching, writing, updating and formatting for Kindle (that last part was actually much harder than you'd expect!). But if we entertain you with our take on modern geek culture and what it feels like to work in the game industry (sometimes), it will be worth it.

If we see enough positive and constructive feedback, we'll see if we can bring Episode 2 to life. So at least read the first two sample scenes and, if you like what you see - let us know!

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