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When we took down Busy Gamer News late last year, we vowed to come back and re-invent it as a community hub. The first piece of this new beginning is here: Community Forums, user profiles, profile pictures, and the option to follow fellow members and view their recent activity on the site.

This just the beginning. We plan to start community-sourcing articles. What this means is that we want you to contribute the news that interests you, and we'll post the most helpful and interesting entries to the main news feed with full attribution. This way, with your help, we hope to provide more regular updates even when our work projects go into overdrive. This will also greatly expand the base of news and feature article topics to support a wider range of gaming interests.

It makes sense: Busy gamers helping busy gamers. Despite our hectic schedules and personal obligations, we all have stuff that we track to the degree possible. Alone, it doesn't amount to much. Even when you work at it as hard as we do, the past 8 years of Busy Gamer News coverage is a patchwork of things that we stumbled across and thought enough to share with our fellow gamers. Together, we can assemble a much bigger patchwork, perhaps something never seen before, and maybe even influence game design in a positive way.

To start things off, we have a News that Matters to You section where you can post whatever news tidbits you find interesting enough to share. There are also platform specific forums, a Tips and Tricks section where we'll compile everyone's favorite techniques in games such as Skyrim and Skylanders. The best collections of tips will ideally become comprehensive articles, and we'll gladly credit your contributions.

The forums are still in beta as we're still figuring out how to configure them and integrate them into the site. As of now, anyone who registers as a member should be able to create a topic, though it will still need to be moderated before it appears. You should be able to comment on an existing topic and see the response post right away.

We're still working the kinks out, so if you see any issues or have any suggestions on how to improve things, please let us know! Here's to hoping we can all make a difference in the lives of our fellow busy gamers!

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