Busy Gamer Nation #197 - PAX Prime 2013: Chromancer

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Trading card games have been increasing in popularity, and the wizards behind Chromancer are hoping the time is right for their special blend of action-oriented gameplay, deep mechanics, and a digital card system designed to retain value for players who collect rarities - like the alpha release cards in play right now!

Many years in the making, the project grew out of the game's creators desire to invent a flexible, challenging new game for themselves. The Chromancer Kickstarter closes Wednesday, Sept. 18, and it just crossed two-thirds of the $60,000 goal at this writing.

Just like the game itself, this interview contains a lot of depth for those interested in learning more about Chromancer, how it's player, how development is progressing, and where you can request access to give it a try yourself.

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Not all of these are quite so long, so we're hoping to post many of them quickly once we clear the time-sensitive Kickstarter projects. Let us know which games you're most interested in, and we'll move those up to the top of the list!

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