Busy Gamer Nation #210 - PAX Prime 2013: Contraption Maker

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Our fourth podcast in nearly as many days gets all "hands on" with Contraption Maker, a game from the creators of The Incredible Machine. If you're new to games or too young to remember much of the early '90s, this Rube Goldberg-style puzzle series was once state-of-the-art entertainment.

And now, with the incorporation of the latest technology, this sequel appears to be poised to innovate again with improved physics and a new co-op puzzle creation mode.

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Just a few more PAX Prime 2013 podcast interviews and audio reports before we complete our coverage. Here is what's coming up next:

  • Dragon Fin Soup
  • 2K Drive
  • Backyard Battles
  • Sword 'N' Board
  • Dying Light

We also have a few interviews from Geek Girl Con in Seattle including Project Spark. And more audio gaming adventures you won't want to miss. Enjoy, and if you like what we're doing, post a comment and share us with a friend!

1 Comment


Oh man, my cousin had The Incredible Machine on the 3DO. I loved it! I think I will be adding this to my list of steam early access along with Kerbal Space Program!

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