Busy Gamer Nation #211 - PAX Prime 2013: Dragon Fin Soup

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You probably couldn't find an odder named game than Dragon Fin Soup at PAX Prime 2013.

We were a little concerned about the lack of apparent progress since our interview, including the lack of a beta sign-up form on the official site, but we contacted Grimm Bros and were assured that "we actually are super busy at work and have some nice big updates to share fairly soon!"

In the meantime, you can learn all about the game including how it's being designed, in part, with busy gamers in mind. As well as for the core gamers who just want to be punished. Something for everyone, it seems.

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Here are the remaining PAX Prime 2013 podcast interviews before we complete our coverage. Here is what's coming up next:

  • 2K Drive
  • Backyard Battles
  • Sword 'N' Board
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After that, we'll dig into our interviews from Geek Girl Con in Seattle:

  • Project Spark
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And more audio gaming adventures you won't want to miss. Enjoy, and if you like what we're doing, post a comment and share us with a friend!

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