Busy Gamer Nation #230 - Boo Bunny Plague

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Boo Bunny PlagueBoo Bunny Plague is one of those crazy games that you see on the PAX show floor and either dive right in or run screaming. As usual, we dove in and received a fun interview with the game's audio director and singer/songwriter, Bunny. And, yes, he is the voice of Bunny in the game.

Best of all, you can sample some of his crazy soundtrack - which bounces between rock, rap, and even opera - before plunking down $2 for the game on Steam ($3 if you want the soundtrack and digital comic; hint: you do!). 

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This is the penultimate entry in our PAX Prime 2014 reports. Read our full PAX impressions. We're finishing up the editing on our final interview, The Order: 1886.

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