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I Love Bees Definitive Edition Promo ButtonFor years, we've wanted to celebrate one of our favorite videogame stories - one that didn't actually appear in a videogame. I Love Bees was a viral marketing campaign in 2004 designed to promote Halo 2.

There are several interesting stories to tell there, and we'll get to that - but for now all you need to know is that, at its heart, I Love Bees was an incredibly well-produced radio-style serial.

We have assembled what we're calling I Love Bees Definitive Edition, which is a remaster of the audio from the highest bit-rate source we could find with an epilogue, deleted scenes, and a few minor tweaks to optimize the story.

We'll be releasing both the new, improved version of the audio odyssey and a companion podcast that tells its stories and celebrates our love for it in a meaningful way. You can expect that in a day or two.

For now, we have:

Audio trailer - this positions I Love Bees as an action movie story, complete with the inevitable "In a world…" trappings you'd expect. It's funny and includes a few of our favorite I Love Bees moments. It's also short: just 3 1/2 minutes.

Spoiler-free samples. We've been sharing these out on Twitter and Facebook for the past week so you can get a taste for the improved audio quality and the story and characters:

Enjoy these for now, share the ones you like, and get ready for the full experience!

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