Busy Gamer Nation #245 - How To Survive 2

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How To Survive 2GrrlGotGame loves zombie killing. It's sort of her life's work. She also loves crafting weapons. So when she heard about How To Survive 2's blend of zombie killing and crafting, she had to get a taste.

The game builds on the original by adding more co-op (up to 4 players at a time and more who can visit), never-ending play, and pretty much whatever the fan base wants in terms of things you can make and places you can go.

The game is out just now in Steam Early Access but it's far from done. If you want to get in on the action and provide input, there's still time. If you have 5 minutes, we'll tell you all about it including how you can help shape the game.

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This is part of our continuing PAX Prime 2015 coverage. Check back for more exciting interviews! Only 10 more interviews to go, and then we're back to expanding the I Love Bees Definitive Edition.

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