The State of the Busy Gamer Nation - 2016

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I Love Bees Definitive Edition Promo ButtonTo look at the site, you'd probably think Busy Gamer Nation is dead. Clearly we're not updating often. But there are some things happening if you dig beneath the surface.

First there's I Love Bees Definitive Edition. I've posted a cleaned up version of the Creators' panel with permission from StoryForward, and it sounds great and clocks in at a much more reasonable hour in length. I'm working on the Players panel now, and after that there's a wealth of material provided by Elan Lee that I'm cataloguing and building into never-before-heard bonus materials. This has pretty much taken over BGN, and if it proves to be our last hurrah, it will have been worth it.

As a busy gamer, I've also decided not to stop playing games (as I did during our "heyday") in order to provide content about games - so that's the other reason for the slowdown. If there are members of the community who want to contribute, that would help - but the problem with building a site for busy people is they don't seem to have a lot of time to spare. (Go figure.)  But even small contributions could breathe new life into Busy Gamer Nation, and if you can help we'd be eternally grateful.

We could use:

  • Game reviews
  • Feature articles
  • How-to articles (for instance, how to succeed at Destiny when you don't have a ton of time)
  • A new banner image/site design elements
  • Movable Type template update expertise

Finally, there's another project that is taking up the remainder of my time. It will never be public but if you are a movie fan who enjoys podcasts and can keep a secret, hit me up. (It helps if you are on Facebook but it's not required.) A few members of the community have already been invited in and seem to like it, and you might too.

That's it for now. It's been a busy year for us, but you never know what tomorrow may bring. Let's keep the Busy Gamer Nation alive for now and see where it takes us.


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