Busy Gamer Nation Extra - PAX West 2016 - South Park: The Fractured But Whole Panel

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imageSouth Park: The Fractured But Whole is one of our most anticipated games this year. We've already digitally preordered it and begun replaying The Stick of Truth (which is included).

This creators panel from PAX West 2016 is off the hook. First, we probably weren't supposed to record it. We thought it was being Twitch streamed but then they revealed it wasn't and asked for no video. Didn't say anything about audio though, and I was sitting right next to the UbiSoft crew in the front row and no one said "boo." So I'd say we're in the clear.

Also, it is the first Busy Gamer Nation podcast entry we've had to mark "explicit" in Apple's podcast feed. We've bleeped a word or two in the past (a certain Rock Band panel from a few years back springs to mind) but this one is salty in the language and the adult themes. You've been warned.

It's also hilarious. And contains gameplay we've never seen before including a combat scene and the origin story for your character.

Too good not to share. Enjoy!

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