Busy Gamer Streaming - 1st 30 mins of Danger Zone

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Danger Zone caught my eye when I noticed it was from the makers of Dangerous Golf, a game we quite liked. But then I learned it was made by the former Criterion Games' Burnout developers, a fact that is unmistakable as the gameplay almost perfectly matches that of Burnout 3's breakout Crash Mode - which entertained us for many hours back in the day.

Playing Danger Zone is just like Crash Mode, only harder. I found the challenge ramped quickly even though I felt my Crashbreaker instincts kicking back in almost immediately. The game unexpectedly crashed (no pun intended) about 15 minutes in, so the stream ends abruptly and then picks up with my next try.

The game does add one new wrinkle, a "deresolution" that ends your turn instantly if you leave the road and land in a TRON-style grid that lies beneath the roads:


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