Busy Gamer Streaming - 1st 30 mins plus another 45 mins of Sea of Thieves Closed Beta

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I dabbled in the Sea of Thieves technical alpha but this was my first earnest attempt to play the game. Alas, I didn't find my first mission (a freebie I picked up from a merchant I sailed to find) until near the end. And I didn't see where to activate it - right behind the map table - until just after I cut the feed.

No worries, I was at time and that may be worth a second 30-minute-or-so stream tomorrow. For now, learn the basics of sailing a ship solo, slay a few skeletons (which appear to only spawn at night), nab a powder keg, get chomped by a shark, and - amazingly - not run into any other players (I kept expecting them to surface and slay me PUBG-style - better luck next time, you scurvy seadogs!):


So I decided to go after that mission I found at the end of my first expedition. But activating it didn't add it to my ship's map, so I wasn't sure where to go. I set sail anyway, heading northwest toward the corner of the map (which seemed to be what the map fragment was telling me). I never did reach it as my ship spontaneously sank. I swam to the surface and found a mer-person, who teleported me to a nearby isle and resurrected my skiff. I forgot that weapons were mapped to Y so I ran away from enemies and located a captain's chest. I hauled it into a nearby outpost (as opening it is apparently not a thing) and was able to trade it for some gold. Phew! I can see why you are better of with a crew as navigating while sailing is a challenge. But I do enjoy exploration, so I'll likely keep at it:


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