Busy Gamer Streaming - 1st 30 mins of Crackdown

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Crackdown is one of our favorite games of all time. Something about feeling your powers grow from bunny hops to being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound made this game an amazing experience.

I originally uploaded my cloud save thinking I'd want to pick up where I left off a decade ago. But I had more or less beaten the game, leaving just a few hidden orbs to find. When the game was announced as hitting Xbox One via backward compatibility last week, I realized I wanted to start anew and feel my powers grow again. Alas, Crackdown does not permit you to simply start a new game and deleting the cloud save proved tricky. It turns out you need to access the Xbox 360 "blade" interface via a game running in back compatibility (press the two buttons on either side of the center Guide button to open and use the Manage Storage option there).

If only the fun stopped there. My next few attempts at streaming via Mixer failed. It's too bad, since my first 30-minute run went really well - showing some pitfalls as well as quick victories in the first few battles. It turns out that Mixer sometimes forgets your save VOD setting so if this happens, the fix is to toggle it off and then back on again.

This run still went pretty well. You'll see the settings screens, how to exit the agency garage, where to quickly secure a supply point, the first mini-boss, a bunch of agility orbs that greatly increase my jumping distance, and where to go to take out the second Los Muertos general:

A few weeks later, I've maxed out my agility and decided to take a run at ascending the Agency Tower. It took a few tries but I made it. The voiceover comment when I reached the apex - priceless. Then I plunged toward the water and missed it by feet:

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