Busy Gamer Streaming - 1st 30 mins of The Crew 2 Open Beta

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I love the open world driving of Forza Horizon but didn't get that deep into The Crew due to its over-the-top revenge story. Based on The Crew 2 Open Beta, the story is here not much better = kinda ridiculous actually, but no more so than most games of this type where you're tasked with starting at the bottom of the fame heap and working your way up to superstar.

However, the exploration is grand. After completing an Inception-like start where the world morphed from car to boat to airplane race, I chose the off-road track and then drove around the New Mexico countryside looking for coyotes and condors to photograph (hint: don't hunt at night and when you hear a beep, freeze the world for a shot and scour the area). I did find a nifty hidden bonus item right before ending my run but no coyotes until my second run:

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