PAX West 2018: Two panels, many games, and some wisdom

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Untitled Goose ProjectPAX West 2018 was our 15th PAX – we’ve been to every one since the first in 2004. The last several years have been a mixed bag but this year we threw out the game plans and mostly had fun.

We played lots of games. Some we loved, like My Friend Pedro (sort of a mashup of Deadpool, The Matrix, and Happy), Untitled Goose Project (dubbed Asshole Goose and Metal Goose Solid for lack of a final title) Resident Evil 2, Irony Curtain (a satiric adventure game from the makers of my favorite hidden object games), What the Golf? and many more.

A few weren’t so great - notably Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, which demo’d only land and sea combat battles that left us lost and pining for a satisfying demo like the one made for Origins just last year.

We gave up on parties, including Bethesda’s epic but super selective shindig at the Hard Rock in favor of good games and talk with the devs and PR folk who would speak with us. We’ll post many short but sweet interviews over the next several weeks so keep checking the podcast feed for more great gaming content.

We also finally bought camp stools to keep our aging knees and feet from giving out. Best $8 we ever spent. Why didn’t we do this years ago instead of turning our feet into sausages over four days of near constant walking and waiting.

To kick things off, I’ve posted audio from two of the panels from the show. You won’t be able to see what’s going on but they’re still great listens, and we hope you enjoy them:

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Reunion Panel

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Reunion Panel

Sexy or Stupid? The Great Video Game Sex Scene Debate

Sexy or Stupid? panel

Each panelist brought a game clip and after a brief discussion of each, the audience voted it sexy or stupid. It was a lot of fun but definitely not PG.

As with interviews, you can download these from our podcast page, on iTunes, or via RSS feed.

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