The Busy Gamer Nation Guide to Forzathon Live in Forza Horizon 4

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One of the best new things in Forza Horizon 4 is Forzathon Live, the hourly co-op activities that are sort of like Destiny public events but with vehicles.

You can earn up to 30 Forzathon points per event, which can be spent on weekly bonus items - notably rare vehicles plus clothing items, car horns, and wheelspins. If you play a lot, picking up these items will become a no brainer and can help you fill in the gaps in your collections. I'm close to banking 900 points before the next season starts.

These events start every hour on the hour, so you'll want to login about 10 minutes early to connect to a Horizon Life session, check the map to see where the pink circle for Forzathon Live is, and then either drive or fast travel to it. Even if you keep the game running dormant or resident in memory on your console, you'll likely lose your Horizon Life session and it may take a minute or two to reconnect. I've also had the game load with a black screen, forcing me to force quit and relaunch it. Plan accordingly.

Travel tricks: If Forzathon Live happens to be at or very near the Horizon Festival site, you can fast travel there for free regardless of how many Fast Travel boards you've cleared (just use the Cars menu instead of the map). Also, if you purchase Fairlawn Manor near Edinburgh, you can use its bonus perk to fast travel to any spot on the map, making it easier to drop in precisely where the event is. If you do need to spend credits, remember that credits are easier to earn that Forzathon points so it's probably worth it.

Vehicle choice: You'll want a vehicle that's ready for anything: speed (launch in particular, as you'll generally want to get from zero to 100+ as fast as you can), off-road (since many challenges are on dirt roads), and drifting (as drift zones are a popular event round and cars that corner like they on rails won't score as high as those that can slide around curves).

Here's a sample of one such event, which played out in about half the allotted time (audio is scratchy at first but clears up about 30 seconds in):

Here are some additional tips to help clear Forzathon Live events quickly--

  • At the start, the screen will briefly lock and you won't be able to see anything but what's directly in front of you. Position yourself facing a road so you can see the directional marker as soon as it appears to get a head start toward the first objective.
  • When traveling to rounds, you don't need to follow the prescribed path - by all means, go off-road and make a beeline for the marker. Just be careful not to overshoot the start of any zone challenges.
  • Vehicles will ghost, so don't worry about crashing into anyone or anything except impenetrable barriers (large rocks, thick trees, and cement walls). It takes a little getting used to but driving through ghost cars will become second nature after a few of these events.
  • For speed traps, quantity is more important than speed. Many racers will drive a distance away to get their speed up. Backing too far away is risky as you might miss the trap entirely. You're better off pulling a 180 as soon as you clear the trap and then powering through again. Rinse, repeat until the challenge is over. A vehicle with high launch should get you up to 100 mph or more per pass, and it adds up quick - especially if there are lots of drivers.
  • Drifting can be tough, especially on long courses. There are many opportunities to fail. Do not go far off the road (drifts only count on the track itself) and avoid backing up or turning around, or you risk losing it all. Just loop around quick as you can and keep going in the prescribed direction. Make sure you nail the final marker (just drive through it) or you will lose all your accrued points. Better to bank a smaller amount than nothing at all. Then turn around as fast as possible and do it again.
  • Drift markers and speed trap posts can get knocked over so you may need to use the mini-map to see when you're approaching the end of a zone.
  • Danger signs, as with speed traps, are a volume game and don't necessarily require a ton of speed - just be sure you can clear any obstacles like trees and rocks to land it and bank the points. Also, danger signs work both ways - so if the terrain allows it, climb and hit it again coming back up from the bottom for a much smaller jump that's still worth a few bonus points. Every little bit helps!
  • Some challenges require tricks - either any skills or specific ones. Get into an open space so you have room to maneuver. If you have the Angel perk on your favorite Forzathon vehicle, you can suffer one crash without losing your points.
  • If you end up in a Forzathon Live event by yourself or with one other person (which has happened to me a few times), don't give up. You may be able to clear 1 or 2 rounds depending on the difficulty. I've also seen a flood of people arrive late, thankful that I had almost cleared the first round on my own.
  • Not all Forzathon Live events are created equal. Some can be cleared in a few minutes while others, even with a crowd of players, may leave you struggling to complete in the 15 minutes allotted. Sometimes you'll come up short, either due to volume of players and/or difficulty of rounds. But you should generally get something for your efforts.
  • If you get disconnected from Live mid-event, there's really nothing you can do to rejoin. If you connect to a new Horizon Life session, you'll be too late and still won't get credit for any rounds you helped complete. Don't worry, there's another Forzathon Live event happening in less than an hour.

Anything to add? Post your thoughts on Forzathon Live in the comments.

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