Busy Gamer Streaming - 1st 30 mins of Anthem Demo

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I went into Anthem with lowered expectations.

I'm not a multiplayer fan. I do enjoy Destiny's shared multiplayer experience where I can just play solo and there happen to be other people around who may help each other out from time to time.

Likewise with Forza Horizon 4 - Forzathon Live is the best (like Destiny Public Events), but it's only a portion of the game and not the main reason I play.

Anthem doesn't seem to have me in mind at all. Combat is OK and I'm sure I can get the hang of flying with a proper tutorial and some practice. Alas, respawning seems to be broken - after several minutes of trying to re-enter the fray, I finally had to hit Exit.

And I'm OK with that. I might revisit once the game launches and stabilizes. But probably not, based on this demo. YMMV.

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