Busy Gamer Nation #278: What the Golf?

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What the Golf?As a fan of golf games, the more outlandish the better, I took to What the Golf? immediately. It's almost more of an interactive toy than game, but that's OK because the evolving play mechanics will keep you guessing and sometimes laughing out loud as you toss a hole into a number 1-shaped slot in the ground to score a hole in one, or as you solve other quick but "punny" levels.

Each "hole" is more nuts than the last, and eventually gets out of hand as it becomes (at least briefly) something of a shooter game.

Despite the developer's optimistic release schedule in the interview, the game is now expect to release in 2020 for PC on Steam.

This is the last of our show floor interviews from PAX West 2018 (read our show summary).

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