Busy Gamer Streaming - 1st 30 mins of Irony Curtain

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Artifex Mundi is known for making the best console hidden object games, which I love. But Irony Curtain is a step in a new direction for the Polish game developer. It uses the poin-and-click adventure model, popularize by LucasArts in the '90s, to share a thinly veiled satire of what it's like to live in the shadow of a socialist regime. It's both funny and challenging.

If you want more background on the game and their other recent release, My Brother Rabbit, listen to our PAX West 2018 show floor interview.

In the first 42 minutes of Irony Curtain (I got absorbed and went a little long), you'll get the backstory and see how the core gameplay works. That said, it gets much harder a few hours in and the game mechanics evolve quite a bit over the course of the game:


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