Busy Gamer Nation Extra - PAX West 2019 - A Thirst Unquenched: Sexy Characters for the Rest of Us

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A Thirst Unquenched: Sexy Characters for the Rest of UsAttending panels at PAX West wasn't easy this year. Most of the time, you'd have to leave the convention center - meaning up to a 40-minute wait in line through metal detectors and crowded escalators to get back in.

This late night panel was a short walk from dinner, and happened after most of the throngs had turned in or went off in search of an industry party. It's more or less a sequel to last year's panel (also in our podcast feed): Sexy or Stupid? The Great Video Game Sex Scene Debate.

You might think this panel is primarily for women and LGBTQ folks, but you'd be wrong. It's for anyone who works in a creative field (such as videogames) who wants another perspective on what people find attractive, and how the industry has been slow to recognize this and be inclusive of varied tastes (though a few companies seem to "get it"). It's an interesting panel no matter who you are and what you find sexy. You won't be able to see the slides or videos but that's not what this is about. It's real people talking about what turns them on, and that can be fascinating if you are open to it.

Needless to say, this one isn't PG so it's been marked EXPLICIT in the podcast feed, available from iTunes, or via RSS feed.

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