Busy Gamer Streaming - 1st 30 mins of Superhot + Limited Time Offer for Mind Control Delete Expansion

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First off, we're back. Long story but everything seems to be working again.

Kicking off the backlog is one of our favorite games, Superhot. This isn't actually my first 30 minutes playing it (I've beat the game), which is why I'm pretty good at tearing through the opening (not flawlessly though, as you'll see). If you haven't played, it's an amazing twist on the first-person shooter where you control the advancement of time, so every micro-aggression counts.

But what's really top of mind right now is the expansion offer, which ENDS IN A FEW DAYS. The folks who made Superhot have built a follow-up called Mind Control Delete, which is free for anyone who has buys the game before its release on July 16. So here's the thing - lots of people got it for free with Games with Gold and similar giveaways on other platforms. If that's how you got the game, you do NOT get this new content for free. But there's a sweet deal. Rather than pay the $25 official pricetag in online stores, or wait for the expansion and buy it separately for the about the same, you can own Superhot on Steam (PC, Mac, Linux) or Xbox One for $10 and then get it free (Xbox players may have to wait a few days for a code to be delivered via console message). We've logged a lot of hours in this game, so giving its devs a more than reasonable tip seemed only right.

Anyway, if you've never seen Superhot, here's my run-through to give you a taste:


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