Busy Gamer Streaming - 1st 30 mins of Doom Series x5

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Doom has been part of our lives since the early '90s, when we published the best little e-zine you never heard of, MacDoom Review. (For a little taste, listen to GrrlGotGame's epic demon poetry.) We've remained fans and continue to play whatever id Software throws our way, including numerous remasters of the classics.

Here we've collected gameplay from most of the series: The original Doom, our beloved Doom II (which was the first Doom gane on Mac), the underappreciated Nintendo 64 release Doom 64 (which we hated at the time but quite enjoy now), the middling jump-scare fest Doom 3, and the hardcore Doom Eternal (which will leave you resource strapped and platform jumping far more than any FPS should make you):






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