Busy Gamer Nation #281: The Devil's Calculator

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The Devil's Calculator The Devil's Calculator is a free (up to a point) math puzzler where the object is not to solve for a missing number - you have that, it's the mark of the beast aka 666 - but a function that gets you to that number.

It starts out easy but soon becomes tricky, especially when the devil tries to thwart you by setting some of the calculator's keys on fire. There's even an amusing story, and bonus puzzles from leading mathematicians.

The game is out now on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS - and it's entirely free for students and teachers.

For everyone else, you get 25 levels and then chip in a $3 donation to unlock many more - plus a level creator so you can make and share your own.

This is one of our show floor interviews from PAX West 2019. More are on the way!

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