Busy Gamer Nation #284: Cat Lady

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Cat Lady Cat Lady caught my eye at the indie booth at PAX West 2019, and so I snagged this interview with a rep from Rose City Games.

Since then apparently there has been DRAMA. It appears somebody may have their claws out. The game was on Steam Early Access but in June it was pulled from sale and Rose City posted this terse message from its publisher, VIZ Media:

"The Early Access period for Cat Lady has now ended. For those of you who purchased the game, you will still be able to continue playing it from your library. For those who haven't, please stay tuned because we'll be back when the game is ready for full launch!"

Sounds upbeat but honestly, it seems like SOMETHING HAPPENED. We certainly wish the best for everyone involved, and if you want to put in your vote to get this game, I would take their advice and contact VIZ Media here: gamepublishing@viz.com.

This is one of our show floor interviews from PAX West 2019.

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