Busy Gamer Streaming - 1st 30 mins of Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime

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I've been binging on Artifex Mundi hidden object games, so when a number of them went on sale this week on Xbox One, I nabbed them. First on my list is Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime, partly because I've gotten my wife hooked on the more crime investigation-themed games in the genre and also because I wanted to see if the mixed reviews on this one were warranted.

I can say, yes, while the story is intriguing so far the object detection is spotty in places. Towards the end of the clip I spent about 5 minutes looking for one object. I finally just started spamming every spot on the screen only to find I had selected the right place several times in my initial search and it just didn't register. Maybe it was an artifact of using the flashlight as an element of the search, as the rest of the game has been pretty good. Hoping it was a bug I won't encounter again:


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