Busy Gamer Streaming - 1st 30 mins of Kill It With Fire

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I have arachnophobia so I nearly gave Kill It With Fire a pass, but then they added it to Xbox Game Pass and I read some comments that killing spiders in the game is somehow therapeutic. Plus, I made it through the movie Arachnophobia and rather enjoyed Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor on my iPhone.

Alas, there are two strikes against Kill It With Fire: 1) The spider noises are truly terrifying. The whole time I played the game I was on edge and kinda freaking out. And 2) the inability to invert controls adds to the feeling of helplessness as I can barely aim at the little buggers when I do see them.

I do eventually kill some with fire, so that happens and is one for the plus column. This is a short video (which helps balance out the longer ones); I only made it 20 minutes:


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