Busy Gamer Streaming - 1st 30 mins of Artifex Mundi Hidden Object Adventures x4

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As you likely know, I love Artifex Mundi hidden object games. Recently they've put a bunch of their games on sale, so I've been snapping them up and sharing them on Twitch and my YouTube channel.

Similar to the last time I had a backlog, I've compiled the four most recent games I've streamed into a single post:


Demon Hunter: Revelation is the third in Artifex Mundi's Demon Hunter series. So far it seems quite promising as it leans into Gothic horror tropes, isn't as stilted as many of the others, and has decent puzzles that seem to fit well within the story:


Demon Hunter: Riddles of Light: The fourth title in Artifex Mundi's Demon Hunter series, this one is dorky as hell. Not in a so bad it's good way, either. This one just seems rather dumb. Also, if you dislike snakes, be warned there is a menacing cobra towards the end of the run. I do manage to clear it:


Artifex Mundi's Lost Grimoires series is generally solid, and Lost Grimoires 3: The Forgotten Well seems fairly middle of the road with some interesting alchemy puzzles. For some reason there isn't a hidden object game early on, though I do manage to find and beat one near the end of my session:


Artifex Mundi's Family Mysteries series is set in modern day, which is a treat as there are always fun gadgets to interact with, wires to snip, that sort of thing. Family Mysteries 3: Criminal Mindset is also excessively poor in the writing department, with stilted line deliveries to boot. If nothing else, you need to watch this for the really stupid chemistry process used to create a corrosive acid to dissolve a lock. Then stay for the scene where you're abandoned outside a locked building on your first day of work and need to fix a video telecom system to get inside (versus, I don't know, banging on the door?). It's a riot!


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