Busy Gamer Streaming - 1st 30 mins of Sniper Elite 5

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You might not know this, but I cannot play realistic war shooters. Fantasy shooters like Halo and Borderlands? Love 'em. The exception to the rule: Sniper Elite. We got totally hooked on Sniper Elite 4. Even GrrlGotGame beat it, and she despises stealth games. The game was seriously addictive, and boasted some of the best killcams in gaming history.

Now Sniper Elite 5 is out, and it's free with Xbox Game Pass. The game seems to carry that torch forward. The main difference I noted so far: You no longer need to press a button to mark an enemy. Just hover over them a few seconds with your binoculars and they are forever trackable. The rest should be very familiar to fans of the series:


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