Busy Gamer Streaming - 1st 30 mins of Hot Wheels Unleashed Collector's Edition for Series X/S

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Fans of this channel know I'm a Forza Horizon fan from way back, but may not know I'm also a fan of mini-car racers dating back to the Re-Volt public beta for Xbox Live in 2002. Alas, no game to date has scratched that itch (though Mad Tracks came close).

So I decided to bite down on Hot Wheels Unleashed. It tooks some time to figure out which bundle to get but I finally settled on the Collector's Edition for Series X/S as the Ultimate Stunt Edition for Series X/S was omitted from the sale, and I opted not to get the original Xbox One edition (as Smart Delivery is also not an option and DLC is not interchangeable).

I spend some time opening boxes to get new cars, exploring the bonus content, and winning pretty easily most of the time at the Easy skill level (which I'm likely to bump up). That said, I do play as both a Batmobile and a Barbie Dream Camper, and there are some close calls.

Not quite my dream game, but not bad:


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