Busy Gamer Streaming - 1st 30 mins of Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels

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As you probably know, I'm addicted to Forza Horizon 5. In preparation for the Hot Wheels expansion, I went back to Forza Horizon 3 to see what I was in for.

It did not really prepare me for this expansive map in the clouds and brand new game dynamics: magnetic track, ice track, the new "G-Forza" meter, and history of Hot Wheels story challenges - all of which you can sample in the video. The main thing that's similar is the progression system, which starts out with B-class events and unlocks faster vehicles once you reach a target number of medals collected.

If you can't see the video in your country, apparently it's due to the soundtrack (which is intrisically part of the gaming experience) - sorry about that:


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