Busy Gamer Streaming - 1st and 2nd 30 mins of Stray

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I honestly thought that Stray would be my new favorite game. It starts out great! You nuzzle other cats, drink from a pool of water, jump everywhere, mewl. It's beautiful, fluid, and endearing.

After the first 20 minutes, all of that changes with a run-and-avoid-enemies puzzle. As far as I can tell, there's no way to throw them off when they are on you (UPDATE: You hit the Circle button!) There are no partial progress checkpoints (as I got pretty far a couple of times). And it takes 20+ seconds to reload following each death. After earning my 9 Lives trophy and then some, I finally gave up. My only advice is to move around a lot (as I did my best dodging this way) and hope you are better and/or luckier than me.

Honestly, if this is the way the game is going to go, I'm regretting the $30 purchase:


OK, so maybe I jumped the gun. I don't play PS4 games too often, and I can never remember the icons on the controller buttons (I always press Square when it says X). I also didn't realize the circle within a circle appearing on me meant to hit Circle (maybe if it was the color of the controller icon I'd have gotten it right away). So I gave this another go, streaming the next 30 minutes from the run-and-avoid section. So glad I did! It's got everything: exploration, easy but rewarding puzzles, and great moments in cat-dom.

Would recommend:


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