Busy Gamer Streaming - 1st 30 mins of Pure Pool

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I didn't stream Pure Pool when we first bought it because I didn't think it would be very compelling. The game had mixed reviews, and I've found that most pool games end up being a waste of time.

Boy, was I wrong! Pure Pool has dominated our household over the past several weeks. GrrlGotGame and I play it daily, partly to make progress in our respective careers (she favors 8-ball, and I'm a 9-ball fan) and to unwind after a long work day.

Today I decided to stream Pure Pool, better late than never, and walk you through some of the initial challenges in each career path as well as a couple of later events including Killer, Accumulator, and Royal Rumble. Along the way, I pull off some amazing shots and nerf some easy ones:


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