Busy Gamer Podcast Ringtones

First, we gave you the Busy Gamer Podcast - gaming news and features in (usually) about 10-15 minutes. Then we launched the Best of Busy Gamer Podcast, which breaks down our "greatest hits" into smaller, even more easily consumed segments.

Now we offer our most memorable moments in 30 seconds or less with... Ringtones!

We originally made these for ourselves and then thought that we might as well share! These are provided free for non-commercial use (i.e., your personal phone only). If any copyright owners object, we will remove them.

If you have a favorite bit from one of our podcasts, let us know and we'll try to add it!


Busy Gamer Podcast Ringtones:

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All Episodes ("Bumper" Songs)

I'm So Busy: MP3 | M4R

Da Pipes: MP3 | M4R

Tied Ends: MP3 | M4R

Heart (Broken): MP3 | M4R

It Is Pitch Black: MP3 | M4R

I Feel Fantastic: MP3 | M4R


Episode 11

Pikachu Fan Sings ("I Always Take My Medicine"): MP3 | M4R


Episode 13

Pikachu Fan Sings ("Eaten By a Grue"): MP3 | M4R


Episode 16

Borderlands - Claptrap ("I'm Dancin'"): MP3 | M4R


Episode 23

Social City ("Ready!"): MP3 | M4R


Episode 25

April Fool's - Halo ("Bring the Fun Back to Halo"): MP3 | M4R

April Fool's - Halo ("Finish the Fight!"): MP3 | M4R

April Fool's - Lost - Dharma Alarm Clock: MP3 | M4R


Episode 26

Dr. Horrible 8-bit ("Intro"): MP3 | M4R

Dr. Horrible 8-bit ("Freeze Ray"): MP3 | M4R

Boogie Bunnies ("Bunnies In Da Club!"): MP3 | M4R


Episode 27

The Tester ("Beerios"): MP3 | M4R

The Tester ("Game Face"): MP3 | M4R


Episode 28

WarioWare D.I.Y.: MP3 | M4R


Episode 36

E3 2010-Dance Central: MP3 | M4R

E3 2010-MGS Rising: MP3 | M4R

E3 2010-Skittles (Long): MP3 | M4R

E3 2010-Skittles (Short): MP3 | M4R

E3 2010-GoldenEye 007: MP3 | M4R

E3 2010-Zelda Reveal: MP3 | M4R

E3 2010-Zelda Demo Fail: MP3 | M4R

E3 2010-Nintendo 3DS: MP3 | M4R

E3 2010-Kevin Butler 1 ("Pew Pew Pew"): MP3 | M4R

E3 2010-Kevin Butler 2 ("Ridiculously huge TV"): MP3 | M4R

E3 2010-Portal 2 Glados: MP3 | M4R

E3 2010-GrrlGotGame ("Birthday present"): MP3 | M4R


Episode 42

Pikachu Fan Sings ("Everybody Brains Now!"): MP3 | M4R

MJ Zombie in Plants vs Zombies: MP3 | M4R

Zombies On Your Lawn: MP3 | M4R

Tweet Defense: MP3 | M4R

Blur Theme: MP3 | M4R

Betty and Me: MP3 | M4R


Episode 51

Comic Jumper "Boom Goes My Ringtone!": MP3 | M4R

Comic Jumper "It's Brad!": MP3 | M4R


Episode 56

Zuma Blitz "Game Over": MP3 | M4R

Zuma Blitz "Drumming": MP3 | M4R

Zuma Blitz "Combo": MP3 | M4R

Zuma Blitz "Chomped": MP3 | M4R

Zuma Blitz "My Nemesis": MP3 | M4R

Zuma Blitz "Heroes: 'You are not faster than me, nemesis!'": MP3 | M4R