Busy Gamer Nation #268: Artifex Mundi's Irony Curtain and My Brother Rabbit

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My Brother RabbitIrony CurtainSince PAX West 2018 in September, life kinda got away from me but I'm back and committed to sharing the great interviews I collected from the show floor.

First up is one of my favorite game companies, Artifex Mundi, trying some new things. Known for some of the better hidden object games, especially if you prefer to play on console like I do, they're moving into making ambitious adventure titles.

My Brother Rabbit is already out - I've beat it and loved it (and you can watch the first 30 minutes to see if it's your sort of game). Gameplay is similar to a hidden object title but with hand drawn art and overarching play that's similar to The Tiny Bang Story. You can hear all about the creative inspiration for this journey of healing portrayed from the perspective of young children.

Irony Curtain is more like a classic LucasArts or Sierra adventure game. I tried it at PAX and enjoyed the satiric look at Soviet-style bureaucracy in just trying to get a hotel room. This one should be out soon.

This is one of our floor interviews from PAX West 2018 (read our PAX West 2018 show summary).

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